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​​We have a new venue that can help with those clients who live out in the country and afraid people wont attend their sales, or exclusive sales where it is not advisable to have large groups of people. Now we can do auctions online that are featured nationally. Another reason to use us, we are current on modern conveniences that maximizes profitability. Referrals to trusted companies such as realtors, home repair, movers, and trusted home cleaning services.  We are insured up to 2 million dollars, graduate of Asheford Institute of Antiques, and follow state of Texas laws governing sales tax collection.

In the unfortunate circumstance you choose another estate liquidator, ask if they are certified in the field, insured, and following state laws regarding sales tax collection. Ask yourself, would you select the services of a Doctor who did not graduate college? So why go else where..

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We understand the difficulties that may be inherent in liquidating one's estate, and we make every effort to assist you every step of the way. We truly respect your individual situation, your estate and the items within it. We will treat your personal property with the utmost care. Our network of professional expertise combined with genuine sincerity and knowledge, gives you the best in estate liquidation services.

You’ve made an important and wise decision.

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At Amazing Antiques and Estate liquidators in Lubbock. We are one of the few accredited estate liquidators in West Texas.  With certified professional appraisal experience, we can offer the most complete liquidation services.  From staging to cleanup, we are fully capable of making your estate sale or down sizing sale a success.


Amazing Antiques is a family owned business that provides complete estate liquidation services which includes, striving to meet the needs of our clients in a stressful time. We can take care of the setup, appraisals, sale days, security, and donation services or contacts. Let us take the burden out of an already stressful situation. 

We are a family owned business.



Amazing Antiques and Estate Liquidators

We work as your representatives in many area's to achieve the highest possible return for you and your family.